iNFiLAN provides professional services and solutions to our clients for their data centers. The dedicated professional engineers in iNFiLAN form the back bone of the company. We are the trusted advisors to our clients and partners’ product specialists. We provide and deliver services and solutions for data centers across various industry verticals. iNFiLAN also provide services such as maintenance, warranty and installation.
 iNFiLAN offers a “one-stop” solution through an extensive reach to its multi-national customers within the region and grew to be one of the few companies that is specializes in data centre solution. We are committed in providing scalable IT solutions and quality products for customer’s IT environment and to meet their challenges today.  
Having a strong relationship and partnership with leading consultants, cable contractors and system integrators, we have help many of our customers to stay ahead in technology, equipping them with advance technology to handle the evolving and diversify business trends.