Opengear Environmental Monitoring

Opengear environmental monitoring devices detect changes in temperature, humidity, smoke and motion or the presence of water in data centers and remote sites – keeping an eye on your IT infrastructure’s physical environment.

Set up automated response sequences through SMS, email or even Twitter through custom scripts. View the ambient temperature and humidity of a remote environment and set the device to automatically send progressive alarms if they rise – from warning levels to critical alerts.
Products & Accessories:
Smoke detector/alarm (220V AC, IEC C-13)
Environmental Monitoring Device – X2 Pinout
Water leak detector – 3′ Cable length
Door contact sensor – 10′ Cable length
Vibration sensor – 3′ Cable length
Smoke detector/alarm (110V AC, NEMA 5-15)
Smoke detector/alarm (220V AC, IEC C-13)