Emerson MPI PDU
MPI PDU facts and benefits
  • Single-phase that support strip/branch  -level metering or trip/branch -level metering and outlet switching
  • Measure and monitor voltage, current (branch), frequency, power (kW), energy (kWh) consumption and power factor. With Threshold/Alert Capabilities, provides preemptive notification of any impending overload issues before they occur and simplifies the task of installing new equipment
  • Supports external environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, cabinet door status, water leakage and infrared motion detective at several different points for notification of any impending environmental issues
  • LED display and a built-in browser interface for local and remote access to real-time data
  • Create thresholds to generate alerts notifications 
  • Remote switching capability to power on/off outlets (Only for Switched PDU)
  • Power sequential startup and reboot on outlets groups defined by user (Only for Switched PDU) – Protects integrity of all upstream electrical infrastructure by staggering the inrush current draw of all plugged-in devices
  • Onboard data log for individual PDU historical data up to 10,000 and alarm logs up to 10,000 
  • Onboard multifunctional management panel with LED monitor display of info like current, voltage,IP address
  • Integral to multiple management software platform including RDU-M, Avocent RPM 
  • IP and Serial Interface Options – Options to install by connecting directly to the network or save IP connections by using the serial interface to connect directly to RDU appliances already connected to the network
  • Supports horizontal and vertical models for a variety of rack configurations in branch and remote offices