Vertiv provides integrated infrastructure solutions that help ensure availability and maximize efficiency for data centres, communications networks, healthcare and industrial facilities around the world. We use unique combination of industry expertise, technology, and global resources to make the future of our customers’ business possible.
Our ability to protect and optimize critical infrastructure – regardless of whether the content is voice, data, or multimedia – comes from our proven innovations in hardware, software, and services across a wide range of industries. These highly reliable technology and service offerings, complemented by global resources that ensure proximity with our customers wherever they are, support a full spectrum of enterprise-wide solutions for today’s vital business needs.
Building a truly reliable power network requires multiple areas of expertise, from various power systems, quality components and connectivity solutions, to the ability to put them all together. Not only does Emerson Network Power™ have a division specializing in each area of the network power and connectivity solutions, our divisions are industry leaders in their categories.
And with our commitment to solutions integration, we deliver the most technologically advanced, reliable power systems in the world. With a global presence spanning 150 countries, Emerson is advantageously positioned with the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to provide integrated product solutions around the world.